Every pet has their own moment of food stealing glory!!!

If you have a dog, or most likely any pet, the chances are there will be at least one memorable story involving stealing food, that will be laughed about and bought up forever more!

Jack had a moment of glory a few years ago, I had had a very long working day and was looking forward to consuming the whole of the home made pizza, courtesy of my lovely Mum! However, a new customer on the phone put a slight delay on preceding s, never mind, Mum is in the same room as my dinner remains…I thought it was safe…nevertheless this Muppet puts down her plate, looking forward to finishing said remains after talking to and booking in new customer. Alas, it was not to be. The booking all went well, but heading back to pizza, just like, well, a dog to his dinner, what actually greeted me was an empty plate, and a mini schnauzer across the room, demanding toys to be thrown, the delicious remains clearly long gone, aside a little bit of evidence on that gorgeous schnauzer beard!!!

What then ensued was me telling Mum off for not stopping him, but she had been oblivious to the proceedings on her laptop and her argument was “I didn’t think you’d be that stupid to leave it right there!” She is of course right so I won’t ask for any sympathy and condolences for this hangry Muppet’s tragic loss. Hangry is such a brilliant word. Yes, she is of course right, so despite the disappointment I can quite happily laugh, as the story is bought up many times, and my customers regularly have their own dog stealing food stories to tell. To be serious, there are certain human foods that are poisonous to dogs, chocolate for example is poisonous to dogs, as are grapes and avocados, just to name a few! So, most dogs have that one story that gives them their moment of fame, but as long as the food isn’t on the dangerous list for dogs, (always consult the vet if you think your dog has eaten something that could be poisonous and make them ill!!!) they are a great subject, I am always comparing dog stealing food stories with fellow dog owners! I breathe a sign of relief that it wasn’t anything poisonous, some of these stories do indeed involve a vet trip, and a hefty bill. At least all this story got was a lot of laughs at the expense of a hangry Muppet (me.)